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Your Style and Tone

Automate your email with personalized responses

Ready to Send will write contextual responses in your voice for every unique conversation. By leveraging AI technology, you can describe how to respond to general questions or give special instructions for each person.

Ready to Send when you are

Replies are waiting for your review

Ready to Send generates a complete prewritten response for any email that needs a reply. You have the option to edit or regenerate the entire reply according to your preferences before sending.

Ready to Send will transform
your inbox dread to delight

Expect carefully crafted responses only for your important emails
moments after they land in your inbox.

Gmail inbox of draft emails

Dynamic email replies for every situation

Custom instructions allow you to specify conditional responses to handle requests according to your personal preferences.

  • "If there is a meeting request,
    share my calendar scheduling link."

  • "If a customer sounds happy,
    ask them to leave a review."

  • "If a customer expresses frustration,
    offer them a discount code."

  • "If there is a potential collaboration,
    suggest a meeting to discuss partnership opportunities."

Ready to Send can draft emails when you sleep

Stay productive while you sleep

Ready to Send is a Gmail app that works seamlessly across your devices. Whether you use the native Gmail app or a third-party email client such as Apple Mail or Outlook — prewritten replies will automatically appear for your new, unread emails.

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  • Check For Professionals

    Increase your communication velocity with responses to common scenarios. You can defer questions to other teams, accept or reject meetings from certain contacts, or define profiles for every contact.

  • Check For Businesses

    Auto-generate perfect customer support responses by including your product information, operating hours, shipping or return policies, and frequently asked questions in your settings.

  • Check For Everyone

    Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to effortless productivity. Easily achieve Inbox Zero by quickly responding to your emails with thoughtful responses that match your voice and are 100% ready to send.

Frequently asked questions

How do I install Ready to Send?

Ready to Send is an exclusive Gmail app available on the Google Workspace Marketplace. It has passed a thorough security audit verified by Google, ensuring Ready to Send is 100% compliant with Google's limited data use policy. Follow the getting started guide for detailed installation instructions.

Is my data private and secure?

Absolutely! Your privacy and data security are our top priorities. Ready to Send strictly adheres to all required data protection regulations, guaranteeing the safety of your information. By leveraging Google's infrastructure, emails are not stored and AI language models are not trained on your messages.

We prioritize secure, safe and ethical use of Artificial Intelligence in our product development processes. Our data handling practices, systems and processes have been independently audited and certified for Cloud Application Security Assessment Tier 2 requirements.

Does Ready to Send work on mobile devices?

Yes, Ready to Send natively integrates with Gmail apps on Android and iOS, so you can stay productive on the go!

Does Ready to Send support other languages?

Ready to Send is inclusive and language-friendly, with support for 100+ languages. Even if the original email is in a different language, Ready to Send can detect the language and respond appropriately.

How does Ready to Send know which emails to respond to?

Ready to Send diligently scans your inbox, specifically targeting new and unread emails that require a response. It intelligently skips over newsletters, updates, and promotions, ensuring that only meaningful emails are considered for response drafting. Moreover, automated notifications, vacation responses, and "no reply" emails are also filtered out.

It's also possible to prevent certain emails from automatically generating a reply.

How long until the email reply is generated?

As soon as a new email arrives in your inbox, Ready to Send starts processing it by writing a contextual reply based on your personalization settings and writing style. You can expect to see a draft automatically appear within a few minutes of receiving the email.

Can I edit or delete the draft messages?

Certainly! With Ready to Send, editing draft replies is as simple as writing a regular email. You have full control to modify and refine the drafts according to your preferences. You can also choose to regenerate the entire response. If you decide not to send a response, deleting the draft is just as effortless.

Can I use Ready to Send to write new emails?

Definitely! When writing a new email, you can use Ready to Send to describe your message. A complete email, including the salutation and signature, will be generated for your review. In fact, you can generate a complete email by simply entering the recipient and subject line! You can review and customize the email before sending it out.

Can I personalize the auto-generated responses?

Absolutely! With Ready to Send, you have the power to personalize your email instructions globally or tailor them to specific email addresses. This flexibility enables you to customize your writing style for different contacts, ensuring that your messages sound authentic and personal. Ready to Send intelligently adapts to your preferred writing style within each email thread, delivering a seamless and genuine communication experience.

Which language model does Ready to Send use?

Ready to Send leverages GPT-3.5 Turbo from OpenAI, which is a large language model optimized for dialogue. We do not train or fine-tune language models with your data.

How is Ready to Send different from other AI writing assistants?

  1. Automation: Ready to Send works behind the scenes 24/7, writing replies that are waiting for your approval.
  2. Personalization: Every reply is tailored to your unique voice and context, ensuring authentic communication with no training required.
  3. Gmail Integration: Seamlessly works within Gmail, offering a natural and intuitive experience that produces superior results.
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    "Ready to Send makes writing email replies a breeze! I've been using it to speed up my email efficiency in Gmail. No need to paste the thread into another app. Recommended."

    — Daniel S.

  • Star Star Star Star Star

    "The generated drafts are truly impressive! Ready to Send is going to save me a lot of time compared to writing responses from scratch - it even matched my tone pretty closely. Definitely worth trying out!"

    — Laura B.

  • Star Star Star Star Star

    "The draft responses are remarkably close to what I want to send so even if I have to edit its only very minor. It writes stuff better than I would as well which is great! Definitely test it out for yourself!"

    — Matt F.

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