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Enhance your responses generated by Ready to Send and ChatGPT with personal details and preferences about yourself. Your instructions will be applied to new responses going forward.

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Frequently asked questions

What are Custom Instructions?

Custom instructions are a powerful feature that allows you to tailor either Ready to Send or ChatGPT's responses to your specific needs and preferences. With custom instructions, you can provide guidance on how you want it to respond in your conversations. For example, you can give instructions to follow a certain writing style, use specific terminology, or consider particular facts or information when generating responses.

These instructions serve as a way to personalize your generated responses and ensure that they are aligned with your goals and requirements. Custom instructions are especially valuable for tasks that involve domain-specific knowledge or any scenario where you want Ready to Send to produce responses tailored to your unique context.

Custom instructions make Ready to Send more adaptable and useful in a wide range of professional, creative, and personal scenarios, allowing you to get precisely the responses you need.

What are the benefits of using Custom Instructions?

Custom Instructions offer the benefit of tailoring Ready to Send's or ChatGPT's responses to your specific needs, enhancing its usefulness and adaptability for a wide range of scenarios.

Can I remove or modify Custom Instructions for future conversations?

Yes, you can modify, remove, or update Custom Instructions anytime to better suit your evolving requirements.

What is the character limit for Custom Instructions?

Ready to Send's character limit depends on your subscription plan - which ranges from 1000 to 50,000 characters.

ChatGPT has a 1500 character limit.

How do I apply these Custom Instructions?

For Ready to Send, you can edit your Custom Instructions on the web by opening Gmail and selecting the Ready to Send app in the sidebar. You can then click on the menu icon (3 dots) and select Settings. From the Settings page, you can edit and save your Custom Instructions. Follow our video guide on how to personalize your responses.

For ChatGPT, you can click on your name then Custom Instructions. Enter your instructions into the provided fields and click Save. OpenAI also provides more information on Custom Instructions.

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